Horror Education


As horror fans, it is very important to know what came before, to help us understand and enjoy the films of today. Of course the way to do that is to keep watching older films. But how far back do you go? Just to the Universal classics? Of do you dig a little deeper and get to the silent horror films? I really hope all horror fans do jus this because there are some incredible titles out there from the silent era that are still available today. Some of the imagery they show us is not only truly frightening, but also amazing that they created them a hundreds years ago!


One of the best ways to learn about these films, giving you a nice checklist to start seeking them out, is of course, a book. There is a new one coming out anytime now that will help guide you on your quest to learn more about these silent horrors. The name of it is Tome of Terror: Horror Films of the Silent Era. This is actually volume 1 of a series, where volume 2 actually came out last year, which covers the ’30s. The authors are Christopher Workman and Troy Howarth. Let me just say that these guys know what they writing about and if this volume is half as good as the one they did on the ’30s, then it is well worth your investment.Also keep in mind this would make a great holiday present for any of your horror minded friends.


The book is approx. 300 pages long, a nice 8 1/2 x 11 size and has a normal retail price of $30. But if you place your order now from the publisher Midnight Marquee, you can get it for only $19! Not a bad deal at all. Just click HERE to order your copy. If you don’t have Volume 2 which covers the ’30s, then you can get both for only $35.


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