Horror History: John P. Fulton

johnpfulton1John P. Fulton
Born Nov. 4th, 1902 – Died July 5th, 1966

Fulton got into the film industry, even with strong disapproval from his father.  Starting out as an assistant cameraman, which basically meant carrying around the camera and equipment, it wasn’t too long before he moved up to cameraman.  But it wasn’t long before he worked more on the special effects and trick photography than actual cinematography.  He worked on many of the Universal classic monster films, such as both Dracula and Frankenstein and a lot of their sequels/spinoffs.  But one of his best known works was making Claude Rains invisible in the James Whale’s The Invisible Man (1933), which he continued on  many of the films in this series, which would get him 3 different Oscar nominations.  He would eventually take home 2 Oscars for Wonder Man (1945) and The Ten Commandments (1956).

The film industry wouldn’t be where it is at now  had it not been for some of the techniques that Fulton developed back in the early ’30s.  He was definitely an innovator and changed movie history.

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