Book Review: Graphic Horror Movie Monster Memories


Graphic Horror Movie Monster Memories
By John Edgar Browning
Published by Schiffer Publishing, 2012. 192 pages.

I love movie posters. I believe these really are works of art and don’t get the appreciation they deserve, especially the ones from the horror genre. Strange though that when it comes to movie poster auctions, horror titles have always been the ones that draw the most money. But as we move more and more into the digital age, poster art is becoming more of a lost art form, or at least a completely different medium. Nowadays, these things are seemingly cranked out with very little time or effort, mainly using computer graphics/artwork to churn these out. Back in the heyday, these pieces of advertisements had a big job to do. They have to make people want to go see this movie just by looking at this poster. So it had to be catchy…and it had to be good.

I have been collecting movie posters for many years, especially the older ones from the ’70s era and even better ones from different countries. And I have also been collecting movie poster art books, which shows off some of these incredible images that were created to bring the people in. We recently purchased this new title, not even aware that it was just a poster art book. But once we opened it up and started paging through it, we were thrilled.

Author Browning has gathered an amazing collection of different posters, from all over the country, starting in the early days of cinema movie through to modern films. But this isn’t just a collection of posters, but there are little comments/thoughts about some of the movies by a variety of different genre writers, editors, and other such authorities on the subject. In his introduction, Browning states his dream was “…to take part in the process of choosing films, images, and posters that best display, in all their beautiful, macabre form and crimson splendor, our most beloved monsters.” And I think he has done just that. You will get to see some amazing posters here, highlighting the incredible talent that went into creating them. Even the biggest poster nerd will probably see a few in here that they have never seen before.

The price is a bit steep, with retail at $39.99, but it is a beautifully laid out hardcover edition where the colors of the posters are just amazing. If you’re a fan of horror movie poster art, I think it is worth the money. This is one coffee table book that no horror fan could walk by without opening it up. And once that happens, it’s going to take a few minutes before they could put it down.

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