Lupita Tovar: Rest in Peace

lupita-tovar-ripThe horror genre has lost another icon from the classic age of monster movies. Lupita Tovar passed away yesterday at the age of 106. She had starred in the Spanish-language version of Universal’s Dracula in 1931. This was the version directed by George Melford that was filmed on the same sets as the Tod Browning version, but at night after the American crew had left. It was produced by Paul Kohner, who would later marry Tovar as short time after filming finished.

She came to Hollywood in the late ’20s and appeared in several silent films, even working opposite Bela Lugosi in the 1929 film The Veiled Woman. After appearing in Dracula, she returned to Mexico and appeared in several other films, including Mexico’s very first talking film, Santa (1932).

There is that eternal debate on which version of Dracula is better, and we all have our own opinions and reasons for those. But I don’t think anyone can argue how amazingly beautiful Tovar was in Dracula, and that her performance there is just extremely memorable.


If you haven’t seen her version of the film, now is the time to do that. While it is a bit longer than the Browning version, I personally feel it is a better made film, but is definitely worth seeing regardless.

Our thoughts go out to her friends and family. She will always be remembered and never forgotten.

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