More Naschy Blu-rays!!!

To say the news of more Paul Naschy films hitting blu-ray is a bit exciting to me, especially when they are two titles that never even hit DVD, is the definitiion of an understatement. Earlier today, Mondo Macabro announced that they will be releasing both of these titles at some point next year. They haven’t said what the extras might be, but at this point, who cares. The fact that they are coming out is amazing and whatever extras they do come up with is just going to be icing on the cake.

Inquisition (1978) was Naschy’s first feature as not only the star, but the director as well. It is a nasty tale of what the church was doing during a very dark period of time, to innocent people, for a variety of different reasons. Here, Naschy plays one of the lead inquistors, who falls in love with a young woman who stands accused. He also appears in one sequence as Satan!

The other film, El Caminante (1979), has Naschy playing the devil once again, but in a very much different portrayal. According to his autobiography, he called this film his “most personal and heartfelt.” It won several awards when it was released, including Best Fantasy at Eurocon 78, as well as other awards at the International Fantasy Film Festival in Paris and Imagfic in Madrid.

Once more details are released on these two titles, we’ll keep you posted. On a personal note, I’m thrilled to see more Naschy titles hitting Blu-ray. Not only for my own greedy and personal needs, but more importantly, that it is getting a whole new audience the chance to experience the wonderful and amazing world of this great cinematic artist.

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