Two Free Tickets to Horror! The Music Box of Horrors!

Music Box of Horrors 2016Just how big of a horror fan are you? One that can withstand 24 hours of terror? Then you need to come to the Music Box of Horrors this Saturday at Chicago’s own Music Box Theatre! The onslaught of fright flicks starts at noon, with 12 features playing through the day and night and into the morning. Check out the full lineup below, so you can start making your plans of which features you want to make sure you’re awake for.They will also have directors Gary Sherman, who gave us Dead and Buried and Raw Meat, and Jim Muro, the man who directed the cult classic Street Trash!

But how would you like to win a free ticket to this event? Just read on.

We will be vending once again at this event, so make sure you come into the lounge during one of the breaks and chat with us…making sure we’re still awake! We’ll have our usual array of horror reference books to temp the knowledge seeking horror fiend out there who wants to learn more about the genre that we all love. We’ll also have a few pillows and tote bags from Horror Slave as well.

Helping us out this weekend will be Bryan Martinez, creator of The Giallo Room, your one stop on the web to learn about the wonderful world of the giallo! I sent out an invite Baron Martino, the other half of The Giallo Room, but haven’t heard back just yet. I have a feeling though he’d rather spend his time either in the darkened theater, sitting behind some lovely young woman, or just lurking about in some back alleyway. But none the less, if you do like those Italian giallos, then make sure you check out The Giallo Room. I know you’ll enjoy it. Or come by our table throughout the night and talk to us about Bryan’s favorite sub-genre.


Okay…now that the little advertisements are over, let us get down to business. Yes, we will be giving away two free tickets to this event. Not a pair, but two separate tickets, so you have a chance to win one of those, which right now is a $30 value. So listen up closely. In honor of the fact that they are screening Sergio Martino’s infamous movie Torso, which has one of the best trailers ever made, we’re going to make this pretty easy. Ready?

In the this trailer, it mentions being inside the mind of what? Not sure, well just watch it below and see if you can figure it out. Once you have your answer, just send me an email, at, with Music Box of Horrors in the subject, and then with your answer. We will have a drawing on this Thursday, picking the two winner and announcing them later that evening.

But be careful watching the trailer, because as we all know, IT SATURATES THE SCREEN WITH TERROR!

Here’s the lineup of the films. For all other info, head over to the official site HERE.

12:00pm – Seven Footprints to Satan (1929) w/live score by organist Dennis Scott
1:30pm – Zombie Holocaust (Dr. Butcher M.D.) (1980)
3:15pm – Torso (1973)
5:30pm – Raw Meat (35mm Director’s Cut) (1972) w/Director Gary Sherman
7:45pm – Street Trash (1987) w/Director Jim Muro
10:15pm – Another Evil – New Film!
12:15am – Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)
2:10am – Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
4:00am – Eyes of Fire (1983)
6:20am – Eye of the Cat (1969)
8:20am – Popcorn (1991)
10:30am – Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

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