Little Shoppe Gets Lost!


The next issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors will be featuring one of Hammer’s lesser known titles, The Lost Continent, based on the novel Uncharted Seas by Dennis Wheatley. Now this film may not have the usually Gothic trappings of what most Hammer fans may expect, with vampires and mad scientist everywhere, but it does have plenty of thrills and monsters! You have killer weeds, a giant mollusk fighting a giant scorpion, a cult lead by a child, and plenty more craziness!

A group of people, all with their own little hidden horrors,  take a voyage on a boat carrying secret and deadly cargo, only to become lost in a storm. Once it breaks, they discover they are in strange new waters, with plenty of dangers awaiting them. Eric Porter plays the captain and gives one hell of a performance, along with Suzanna Leigh, Hildegard Knef, Tony Beckley, Nigel Stock, and even Michael Ripper.

With their in-depth coverage, Little Shoppe always gives us fans so much information about these films that we love, that even the biggest fan will learn something  new about the movie. I would not only highly recommend ordering this new issue when it comes out, but also checking out the movie as well. And besides, with another stunning cover by the incredibly talented Mark Maddox, how could you go wrong?

For more information about ordering this, just click HERE.


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