What about Flemish Horror?


We’re always discussing films from the major hitters in the horror genre, like the US, Italy, Japan, Spain, to just name a few. But what about the smaller countries that while might not poured out the buckets of the red stuff, they did make more than a few films for them to wave their flag proudly.  In 2014, when the Belgian film Cub was released, from director Jonas Govaerts, it was not only winning awards, but was being labeled as “the first Belgian horror films”, which bothered him, as well as director and horror journalist Steve De Roover. So De Roover decided to do something about it and created this documentary that highlights the history of Flemish Horror, called Forgotten Scares.

Flemish Horror has been around since the ’70s, hitting all the sub-genres of horror, like splatter, gore, post-apocalyptic themes, slashers, nazisploitation, WIP, and many others. With this new documentary, Forgotten Scares, you’ll get to hear about films like Malpertuis, Daughters of Darkness, The Pencil Murders, The Antwerp Killer, The Afterman trilogy, Lucker, Mascara, Rabid Grannies, Alias, Engine Trouble, Parts of The Family and Leftbank, and of course Cub, all from the people involved, from the directors, producers, and even the actors.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one. I think it might open all of our eyes a bit.

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