Hammer’s Dracula Scrapbook Available

dracula-scrapbook-frontPeveril Publishing’s latest must-have edition, The Hammer Dracula Scrapbook, is now available for order. Keep in mind, there are only 600 copies of this available so if you have ANY desire to order this, you might want to do it now. Once their books go out-of-print, the prices just get ridiculous.

If you are a big fan of Hammer and especially their Dracula film series, then this book will be a must have. With over 300 pages of tons of information about the making of the films, along with around 1800 images, you’ll find this a “lavish tome full of rare images, posters, lobby cards, advertising materials, set design drawings, script pages, schedules, documents, contracts and other assorted ephemera from Hammer’s Christopher Lee Dracula series.” How could you not afford to pick this up?

Now, since this is coming England, along with the postage, it is a bit pricy, running you about $65. But before that scares you away, think about the $40 that some publishers are charging for 300 page softcover editions. This will not only be a beautiful hardcover edition, but if it is like everything else Peveril has done, one that you’ll love sinking your teeth into. Sorry…too easy.

For all the information on ordering and about the book itself, just click HERE to get to their website.

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