Soundtrack Review: Blair Witch


Blair Witch Soundtrack
Released by Lakeshore Records
10 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 32 min.
Music by Adam Wingard

Atmosphere. That is all you’re going to get here with this score. No themes, no melodies, not even pieces of music. None of that. But what you do get here is 30+ minutes of non-stop soundscape, filled with dark tones, far-off noises, and the sound of some sort of great pounding off in the distance. You’ll hear different tones coming through your speakers, with an occasional sound that almost sounded like screaming, but not by something human.

Wingard has come up with a very unique score that can be enjoyed anytime you’re wanting to put yourself in a darker mood. This would be great for any Halloween party or gathering, or even playing outside your house on Halloween night! The only complaint I have is that it is only 30 minutes long. But with that aside, this is a perfect piece of music to have going on in the background while you’re creating your own dark art, in whatever form that might be….

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