Books, Books, and More Books!

Nothing like finding even more titles for my ever-growing list of “Need to add to the Library” that seems to better longer and longer every day, which constantly gives the middle finger to those that say this kind of media is dead. Recently, I have come across some new titles that I know will be upcoming editions to my library. Very soon, my precious….very soon.


The first one is another poster book. I have several in my library and plan on adding this one as well. The Art of the B-Movie Poster sounds and looks like will bring back a lot of great memories looking at these wonderful and amazing images from some classic B-Movies. Edited by Adam Newell, he gives us over 300 pages of movie poster heaven, showing us genre fans the kind of poster art (when it was actually art) that was doing its best to draw the people to the theaters. With essays written by Kim Newman, Eric Schaefer, Simon Sheridan, and Stephen Jones, this will be one book that you can spend hours looking through its pages. Or at least you come across an old favorite that makes you want to bust out the movie!


The next book is about one of the most underrated authors, Shirley Jackson. I came across this new biography about her in the latest issue of Rue Morgue and figured since I was mentioning some books that is going to become invests for me, I figured I’d mention it here as well. Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life was written by Ruth Franklin, hitting over 600 pages, this book is one that Neil Gaiman says “Ruth Franklin is the biographer Jackson needed: she tells the story of the author in a way that made me want to reread every word Jackson ever wrote.” Not a bad recommendation, huh? I don’t know much about it other than what is listed on Amazon, but I do know that I was a big fan of Jackson’s work back in my fiction-reading days, and The Haunting of Hill House remains to this day one of my favorite haunted house stories ever. The book price is only $26.63.


The last book I want to mention is another one that I just came across. It is called Monstrous Progeny: A History of the Frankenstein Narratives, by Professor Lester D. Friedman & Professor Allison B. Kavey. According to Amazon’s description, the book “takes readers on a fascinating exploration of the Frankenstein family tree, tracing the literary and intellectual roots of Shelley’s novel from the sixteenth century and analyzing the evolution of the book’s figures and themes into modern productions that range from children’s cartoons to pornography.” Now, since it was written by two professors, I’m guessing this is going to be another very wordy and academic style of writing. But honestly, if it is about Frankenstein (the novel or the movies, I don’t care), I’m going to have to add it to my library. Being that this subject is my favorite of all the monster sub-genres, it immediately draws my attention. Hopefully it will put some learning into this thick skull of min! The retail price is only $23.98 and is 256 pages.

2 thoughts on “Books, Books, and More Books!

  1. I have a few poster collection that are fun to look at from time to time. The Robin Bougie collections are fantastic.

    Pete Tombs was involved in two of my favorites, Mondo Macabro and Immoral Tales. I know it’s only the introduction, but his name catches my eye.

    Hill House is the only novel of Jackson’s that I’ve read. I enjoy her short stories.

    I love reading about your books 🙂

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