Music Box of Horrors Update!

The Music Box has released a bit of an update for their upcoming Music Box of Horrors, taking place on October 15th. They have announced two guests that will be appearing at this year’s event. The first is Gary Sherman, returning to the marathon to present a 35mm print of his film Death Line (aka Raw Meat). Sherman has a bunch of great stories about working on films like Dead & Buried and Poltergeist III.


jim-muroThe other guest announcement is Jim Muro, director of Street Trash, who will be there for a 35mm screening of this infamous cult classic. If you haven’t seen this film yet, you rae in for a treat. The effects are incredible in this wild tale of some deadly liquor called Tenafly Viper. Though Muro has only directed a handful of films, he has worked on some huge budgeted films like Predator 2, Terminator 2, Casino, Titanic, Red Dragon and a couple of the X-Men films. Not to mention that he also worked on genre films like Slime City, Maniac Cop, Brain Damage and even Spookies! I got to say, I’m pretty impressed with this guest announcement. Just make sure you leave your bottleof Viper at home. We don’t need the bathrooms at the theater to be looking like the one below. We know how messy they can get at a regular marathon!


They have also announced a couple more titles to the line up. Keeping the tradition going of showing a silent film with a live score, they will be screening a new DCP Restoration print of Seven Footprints to Satan. I’ve always loved the fact that they do this to give fans a chance to see the films that paved the way of horror cinema.

But of course, one title that I’m pretty excited about is Sergio Martino’s Torso! As the trailer says (several times), “It saturates the screen with terror!” Sure, watching the trailer is almost as fun as watching the film, now you’ll have the chance to witness this tale of a “psycho-sexual killer” on the big screen from a 35mm print! Just check out the trailer below:

As we mentioned before, we will be set up there as usual and hope to see the usual crowds turn out for this great show. If you’re planning on going, grab your tickets now while they are cheaper and we’ll see you there!

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