2016 Tour Continues….

With our time of year starting to show itself, with decorations popping up in the stores, we seem just a little less strange than we normally do. It also gives us the opportunity to pick up plenty of stuff for our home decor that we used all year round! But it also does mean that the weekend’s are getting booked with different conventions, movie events, marathons, and all sorts of stuff to celebrate this genre we love so much. We posted a days ago about the upcoming movie events and marathons coming up, so here is the last 3 actual conventions that we will be attending before this year’s tour is over.


Our next convention is actually only a few days away, the HorrorHound Weekend taking place next weekend in Indianapolis, IN, at the Indianapolis Marriott East, on Sept. 9th-11th. They really have a killer lineup (pun fully intended) with several reunions being held. There’s one for Fright Night (the original, of course), Child’s Play, Halloween 6, Wishmaster, Candyman, and more! It looks like the Q&A panels are going to be packed this year. I love that they have some names like Pam Grier and Piper Laurie, even though they might not be as popular as some zombie from Walking Dead with the younger fans, these lovely ladies sure made an impact with us in some of our favorite films. For all the details about the show, just click HERE.

We’ll be set up there and hanging out all weekend long, so if you’re coming out, please make sure you stop by for a second and chat. Hope to see a great turnout, as always!


Then three weeks after that, we head to Strongsville Ohio once again for one of our favorite shows, the infamous Cinema Wasteland! This time out, they are having a 35 Anniversary Reunion of The Evil Dead, with the entire cast…well, except that one guy who would only charge you way too much to even look at him. Plus, they will have the CW regular Tom Sullivan, as well as Bart Pierce who worked with Sullivan in creating the meltdown sequence at the end of the film. Other guests include Carmine Capobianco, John Dugan, Sharon Farrell, Bill Johnson, Jack Ketchum, Edwin Neal, Elizabeth Shephard, and George Shuba.

frankenbloodyterrorOf course, we all know that this is a show that could have no guests and everyone there would still have a great time. With all the movies screening throughout the weekend, there is always plenty to keep all horror fiends occupied. BUT…there is something even more special about the movies screening this time out. Years ago, we were always in the film room after hours watching whatever was screening on 16mm until the wee hours of the morning. Due to the lack of sleep we usually get, you put me in a darkened room, and I’m going to fall asleep. So I stopped attending them. But there is one movie playing this year that I am going to make and stay away for! None other than Paul Naschy’s Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror, from a 16mm print no less! This will be the first time that I will be able to see a film print of one of Senior Naschy’s films, and I’m pretty excited about that. They are also screening a 16mm print of Brainiac too! This is a great time to be alive!

For all the details and information, just click HERE.

Chicago Pop Culture Convention ad

Our last convention on our tour is the Chicago Pop Culture Convention, which is a local one that we’re giving a try. It is a mixture of all genres so should be an interesting time. For all the information about this show, just click HERE.


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