The Unrepentant Cinephile

Unrepentant Cinephile

Every now and then I have a little gathering of friends over to watch a bunch of flicks. Might be one of our annual Turkey Day marathons, or just because it has been a while since a little movie-fest and we feel the need to have one. One of guys that always jumps at the chance for one of these get-togethers is our friend Jason Coffman, another Chicago area film nut, like the rest of us. But actually, Jason takes it beyond most of us film geeks, and truly is an avid cinephile. He doesn’t care how large or small the budget is, when or where it was made, he’ll watch it with the same interest. He’ll explain just why he likes a certain film that most would turn their nose at, so much so that after he explains his opinion, it will make you want to go watch it!

Jason has been writing reviews of all these films over the years, for many different outlets, some online, some in print. In fact, Jason wrote the essay on Doris Wishman’s A Night to Dismember in Hidden Horror, which is not an easy take to try and explain to people why this film is important and should be viewed. Trust me. But he does just that.

Now he has gathered all of these reviews and have put them in a single volume, so accurately titled The Unrepentant Cinephile: Collected Reviews of Cult, Exploitation, Horror, & Independent Films. Just over 800 pages, this is only available for Kindle for only $7.99. Not being a E-Book person, I have to admit I was pretty bummed to see this, since I would love to add this volume to my library. Maybe someday.  But for now, for a very reasonable price, you can download this book so you can quickly browse through his reviews and make your “need to see” list grow and grow.

For more information about this e-book, just click HERE.

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