It Came from the 80s!

I know…more book news. But for those of you like me, who grew up in the 80s and lived for those trips to the video stores, where you would find a treasure trove of madness in the form of those wonderful VHS boxes, then this new book from McFarland just might peak your interests.

It Came from the 80s

This new 300 pages book by Francesco Borseti has more than 100 interviews with people that worked on low budget and cult films from the glorious decade of the 80s. In fact, there are 124 interviews of people that worked on 28 different films! We’re not talking big Hollywood films, but titles like Creepozoids, The Evil Below, The Rejuvenator, Shadowzone, and many more. You get to hear from a variety of people from these movies, from the actors and actresses to maybe the producers or directors, or even the makeup effects teams. For example, for the film Blood Frenzy, Borseti has interviewed writer Ted Newsom, co-producer & actress Claire Cassano, special effects artist John Goodwin, and actor Tony Montero. For Blue Monkey, you’ll get to hear from Executive Producer Michael Masciarelli, writer George Goldsmith, story editor Chris Koseluk, special makeup and creature effects Michael F. Hoover, actress Gwynyth Walsh, and Ivan E. Roth, who played the creature!

So this sounds like not only a great read, but a great way to learn more about some of these cheesy classics from all those years ago. Hearing from the people in the trenches always gives me more of an appreciation of the films, giving you an insight about them that you probably didn’t know about. Plus, I’m sure there are some crazy stories from these movies that make you amazed they were finished!

While the price tag of $39.95 is a bit steep, and I think they could have come up with a better cover design, at least it sure be a good size book and filled with some wonderful stories. For all the details, head over to McFarland’s site HERE.

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