Hammer Glamour Documentary


For those that didn’t know, I’m a pretty big fan of Hammer Films. Just love the look, the sound, the style, and of course the incredible cast that they would fill their pictures with. Of course, one element of that would be what has become known simply as Hammer Glamour. With such a wide array of not just beautiful women, but also talented ones. They were much more than just a pretty face or a pair of ample bosums.

Hammer scholar Marcus Hearn directed a little documentary on this subject, hearing what it was like working on these films from some of the ‘glamour’ themselves, such as Martine Beswick, Valerie Leon, Madeline Smith, Caroline Munro, Jenny Hanley, and Vera Day. The documentary was narrated by Count Karnstein himself, Damien Thomas! It is well worth your 45 minutes….especially if you’re another Hammer Horror fan!

Thanks to a friend of the Krypt, Daniel Brenneis, for bringing this to our attention!

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