Tiny Terrors Fills Little Horrors

Little Horrors

And yet more news of another book I will need to add to the libarary! T.S. Kord has a new book out entitled Little Horrors: How Cinema’s Evil Children Play on Our Guilt, coming from McFarland. I heard about this book from a good friend, fellow writer, and another avid reference book fan, Gavin Schmitt. He had posted a review of the book on his blog and it immediately got my attention. While I might have my own review up here at some point, once I get a hold of my own copy, you can read Gavin’s wonderful review on his site by clicking the link below:

The Framing Business

I just love the aspect that this author understands that writing to a higher educated level is just going to get your point across to fewer readers, as Gavin mentions right away in his review. That really got me interested. Of course, like most newer McFarland titles, it is a bit pricy, with a retail price of $39.95 for a softcover version. For more information on the book, just click HERE.

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