Mystery Photo 8-22

Monday once again…and this time I didn’t forget! Not sure if it was because I missed last Monday or that our last photo was just too tough. We only got one correct answer sent in. In fact, I think we only got one answer period. And that was from Ryan Olson, who correctly identified the movie as Subject Two, which came out in 2006. But if you didn’t know it, that’s a good thing because now you have a movie to seek out for your To-Watch List. Very different and unique kind of film.

Okay…on to this week’s photo. Going with another black and white one, so we’ll see if anybody can get this older title. I just loved this shot in the film…it’s a little dark, but there is plenty of style there! So…take a good look, then send in your answer. Please remember not to post your answer here, but send it in an email to And as always, good luck!


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