Naschy’s Count Dracula

Count Dracula's Great Love.jpg

Vinegar Sydrome has officially announced the details for their upcoming release of Paul Naschy’s Count Dracula’s Great Love. Released in choppy and fair qualtiy DVD releases before, this will be the first time we’ll get to see the film looking this good. The print has been scanned and restored  in 2k from a 35mm internegative. Plus, they have an audio commentary from Naschy, as well as director Javier Aguirre, which is an unbelivable extra. Add in a new video interview with actress Mirta Miller, and 8-page booklet written by Mirek Lipinski, both English dub track and original Spanish language track, trailers, still gallery, and revesible cover artwork.

Naschy's Dracula

This will be available at the end of next month and I know this will be one title that I can’t wait to pick up. They don’t have anything up on their site for pre-ordering this title just yet, but I’m sure it will be up shortly. But you can get to the Vinegar Syndrome website by clicking HERE.

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