Madness at the Music Box

20141012_040816Chicago’s own Music Box Theatre has started to announce some titles for their 12th annual 24-hour marathon which takes place on October 15th, starting at noon and running through to noon on Sunday the 16th. We’ve been to every single one of these marathons and have always had a great time. The Music Box is one of my personal favorite theaters in Chicago and the crowds that come in here for these marathons are die-hard fans and are actually coming into see the films and have a good time….not just to party. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but not in the theater while the movies are screening. So we’re looking for another incredible lineup and a lot of fun. From what they have announced so far, I think I might be spending some of my time in there watching them!

Here are the list of titles that they have announced so far:

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) – Even though they are poking fun at the classic monsters, this is still one of the best of the later day Universal monster-ramas! One of my personal favorites.

Eye of the Cat (1969) – This one actually had me looking it up. This is a rare film starring Michael Sarrazin and Gayle Hunnicutt. Can’t wait to check this one out.

Dr. ButcherDr. Butcher M.D. (1980) – Marino Girolami’s film originally titled Zombie Holocaust, but had some extra footage added and re-titled Dr. Butcher M.D. Not sure which version they will be screening, but either way, if you’re a fan of Italian gut-munchers, then this is must see.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) – While this film may get a bad rap because it doesn’t feature Mr. Myers in it, this is definitely worth your time. Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and starring Tom Atkins. How could you go wrong? Even if you won’t be able to get that damn TV commercial out of your head….

Eyes of Fire (1983) – Love the fact that they are breaking out a title like this one, since it is one that is not talked about that often, even among the most die-hard fans. Now is your chance to see this on the big screen!

Popcorn_FilmPosterPopcorn (1991) – Alan Ormsby’s flick about, strangely enough, about a theater that is holding its own horror movie marathon!

All the films listed so far will be screened from 35mm prints, except Halloween III, which will be from an archival 16mm print. They also have not announced any guests just yet, but stay tuned. You can check out their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE for any updates.

We had a lot of fun last year and will be back again this time out, set up in the new lounge area. Make sure you stop by and say hello! We’re always happy to chat about the movies. That is if I’m not in the theater myself!

In other Music Box news, they will also be screening the newly remaster print of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm on Sept. 24th at 9:30pm. Other upcoming midnight screenings that might interests are horror fans are:

Sept. 2nd & 3rd – Santa Sangre
Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st – Possession
Oct. 7th & 8th – A Nightmare on Elm Street

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