Ever Hear of Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment?

Well, if you grew up in a video store in the ’80s and ’90s like I did, then you are at least aware of some of the movies they put out. Releasing titles like The Exterminator, Black Roses, Moontrap, Maniac Cop, and a trio of terror from cult director Frank Henenlotter, not to mention its fair share of martial arts/action flicks like No Retreat, No Surrender, Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment gave audiences some fine family entertainment. Okay..maybe not for the whole family.

untold story

But now from authors Marco Siedelmann, Nadia Bruce-Rawlings, & Stephen A. Roberts, they give us a collection of interviews with people that were responsible for getting these movies out into the world, as well as hearing from some of the filmmakers involved in those productions, in their new book entitled The Untold, In-Depth, Outrageously True Story of Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment. Plus, you’ll get to hear from Jim Glickenhaus and Leonard Shapiro themselves, as well as from people like William Lustig, Frank Henenlotter, Cynthia Rothrock, Joseph Zito, and many more.

The book is only $24.99 and is 486 pages! Always nice to see a book this size at this low price. When you figure your average 60 page magazine runs you $10, you are going to get plenty of more information here. I’ve got our copy on order now, so hopefully we’ll have  a review up at some point, so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Ever Hear of Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment?

  1. A terrific book, I have started a group on Facebook in their honour its called The McBain Forum and Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment. This book goes a long way to explaining how low budget films were made marketed and distributed during the age of vhs home entertainment. It’s essential reading for any film connoisseur who has a passion for watching exploitation films from the 80s and 90s.


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