Do You Know Francesca?

Francesca DVD.jpgThere are a few up and coming filmmakers that are really trying to replicate the style of the Italian giallo film genre, some more successfull than others, such as Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani’s Amer (2009) and The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013). But when the trailer for this film simply called Francesca hit the internet, I would have sworn this was made back in the ’70s, the heyday of the giallo. The look, the color, the music, and of course, the style, is just amazing.

Directed by Luciano Onetti and written by him and his brother Nicolás Onetti, they give us a tale about a two cops on the trail of a psychopath that is set on cleaning up the city of the “impure and damned souls”. The film has won several film festival awards like Director at Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2015, Best Production Design at Tabloid Witch Awards – Hollywood Investigator 2015, Weird Visions Award at Ravenna Nightmare 2015, Best Giallo Film at Crypticon Kansas City 2016, and Special Mention at Horrorant 2016 in Greece. Not a bad start, huh?

Just check out the trailer below and see if you’re not blown away, intrigued, or at least a bit curious to see if they pull off bringing the giallo back into style!

Coming from Unearthed Films and MVD Entertainment Group, the film is being released on Sept. 27th, in a special edition that comes with not only the blu-ray and DVD, but also the soundtrack as well! Can’t wait to dig into this one!



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