Soundtrack Review: Carnage Park


Carnage Park
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2016
26 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 61 min.
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Giona Ostinelli

First track is feels like it is going to be a little bluesy track, kind of like Bear McCreary’s score for Rest Stop 2, but then when track 2 kicks in, which is a burst of noise, rhythm, and strange sounds, it makes you wonder just what kind of score this is going to be. Different, that is for sure.

This is not a traditional type score, with strings, piano, or an orchestral. Far from it. It is guttural. It is loud and pounds your ears at times. But then there are other tracks that sound like a real musical track or instrumental piece. Those tracks, like # 4 You Shot Me, were my least favorite. And just when I was given up hope for this score, the next track, #5 You Said You Know Men Like Me, we get a slow eerie piece of mood music that really builds up some atmosphere in your mind. It’s a short piece, but an effective one. But then were right back to some loud feedback style of music, which I’m sure this works in the film itself, but on its own, not so much.

There were a few other tracks, the more slower and more subtle ones, I do think some were pretty good and am anxious to see how they fit into the film itself.Ostinelli comes up with some interesting sounds here, but we’ve been listening to this for over a week now and nothing has really sunk in making it that memorable, at least not without the visuals from the movie.

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