Cult Film Begotten at Music Box…With Director!

begottenBack in the early ’90s, back when VHS tape trading and the grey market were in full swing, a movie would surface from the underground that would start to make a buzz. While even then you were always looking for a really pristine quality copy, when I stumbled across this 72 minute feature film, it was one of those visual experiences that you don’t soon forget. In fact, it is one that you immediately start to tell friends about, that they need to see this to believe. The Begotten, written and directed by E. Elias Merhige, is about….well….it’s kind of like….okay, okay. It is really something that just needs to be seen…or rather experienced. There’s no dialogue, just an incredible stylisted piece of cinema. Years later, Merhige would direct Shadow of the Vampire, starring Willem Dafoe and John Malkovich.

If your in the Chicago area on September 27th, you can go see both The Begotten and Shadow of the Vampire at the Music Box Theatre, with Merhige in attendence. The screenings start at 5pm. For more information, head over to the theater’s website HERE. At this time, it is not listed on their website yet, but I’m sure will be very soon.

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