Serial Killer Film From Isolation Director O’Brien

i-am-not-a-serial-killer-posterSeveral years ago, when I was given the task to pick a title that I wanted to write about for our upcoming book Hidden Horror, it didn’t take me long to decide on the 2005 Isolation, from director Billy O’Brien. I had stumbled upon this little tale and it was not only blown away by it, but impressed as hell with the amount of terror and tension he delivered.

In doing research for the piece, I ended up getting in touch with O’Brien and was able to do a little interview with him about the film and the making of it, which you can read here on the site under our Interviews section. During the talk, he mentioned an upcoming project that he would love to do, which was to adapt a series of books from writer Dan Wells, called I Am Not A Serial Killer. He even mentions that he’d loved to get the young actor, Max Records, who had just appeared in Where the Wild Things Are.

Well…fast forward a few years, and it looks like that project not only came to be, but Records was in fact cast in the role that O’Brien wanted right from the start. The film also stars Christopher Lloyd, and takes place in a small midwestern town, where a serial killer starts a body count. But young John Wayne Cleaver, who has the begining profile for a sociopath, recoginzes that this is in fact a serial killer, that has taken residence in his little town.

The film has been making the rounds at film festivals and possibly is being released later this month. Since I really enjoyed Isolation, plus the fact that this has a very interesting storyling, I’m excited to see it.

But in the meantime, here is the trailer.


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