The Unrepentant Cinephile

Unrepentant Cinephile

Every now and then I have a little gathering of friends over to watch a bunch of flicks. Might be one of our annual Turkey Day marathons, or just because it has been a while since a little movie-fest and we feel the need to have one. One of guys that always jumps at the chance for one of these get-togethers is our friend Jason Coffman, another Chicago area film nut, like the rest of us. But actually, Jason takes it beyond most of us film geeks, and truly is an avid cinephile. He doesn’t care how large or small the budget is, when or where it was made, he’ll watch it with the same interest. He’ll explain just why he likes a certain film that most would turn their nose at, so much so that after he explains his opinion, it will make you want to go watch it!

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Gene Wilder – Rest in Peace

Gene Wilder - RIP

If there was one comedic actor, who also happened to star (as well as c0-write) in one of the best horror parodies ever made, that made a huge impact on my younger years, it was Gene Wilder. First becoming aware of him as Willie Wonka, where I still love his sarcastic wit there, to his later work with Mel Brooks, he was one actor that I knew was going to make me laugh. But even though Young Frankenstein was a comedy, he still treated the subject matter and history of the series with respect, which remains one of my favorites to this day.

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Hammer Glamour Documentary


For those that didn’t know, I’m a pretty big fan of Hammer Films. Just love the look, the sound, the style, and of course the incredible cast that they would fill their pictures with. Of course, one element of that would be what has become known simply as Hammer Glamour. With such a wide array of not just beautiful women, but also talented ones. They were much more than just a pretty face or a pair of ample bosums.

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Tiny Terrors Fills Little Horrors

Little Horrors

And yet more news of another book I will need to add to the libarary! T.S. Kord has a new book out entitled Little Horrors: How Cinema’s Evil Children Play on Our Guilt, coming from McFarland. I heard about this book from a good friend, fellow writer, and another avid reference book fan, Gavin Schmitt. He had posted a review of the book on his blog and it immediately got my attention. While I might have my own review up here at some point, once I get a hold of my own copy, you can read Gavin’s wonderful review on his site by clicking the link below:

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Mystery Photo 8-22

Monday once again…and this time I didn’t forget! Not sure if it was because I missed last Monday or that our last photo was just too tough. We only got one correct answer sent in. In fact, I think we only got one answer period. And that was from Ryan Olson, who correctly identified the movie as Subject Two, which came out in 2006. But if you didn’t know it, that’s a good thing because now you have a movie to seek out for your To-Watch List. Very different and unique kind of film.

Okay…on to this week’s photo. Going with another black and white one, so we’ll see if anybody can get this older title. I just loved this shot in the film…it’s a little dark, but there is plenty of style there! So…take a good look, then send in your answer. Please remember not to post your answer here, but send it in an email to And as always, good luck!


Lady in White Comes to Blu-ray

lady in white bluray

If there is one sub-genre of films that I just love it is the classic ghost story. This is where you have a secret behind a ghost/haunting that must be uncovered to release whatever is keeping the tormented soul from moving on. These are not as easy as one thinks, otherwise there would be more out there. Yes, there are a few, such as John Carpenter’s The Fog. But one of my all-time favorites is the 1988 film The Lady in White, by director Frank LaLoggia, which is now coming blu-ray in a  2-disc special edition from Scream Factory.

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Naschy’s Count Dracula

Count Dracula's Great Love.jpg

Vinegar Sydrome has officially announced the details for their upcoming release of Paul Naschy’s Count Dracula’s Great Love. Released in choppy and fair qualtiy DVD releases before, this will be the first time we’ll get to see the film looking this good. The print has been scanned and restored  in 2k from a 35mm internegative. Plus, they have an audio commentary from Naschy, as well as director Javier Aguirre, which is an unbelivable extra. Add in a new video interview with actress Mirta Miller, and 8-page booklet written by Mirek Lipinski, both English dub track and original Spanish language track, trailers, still gallery, and revesible cover artwork.

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