Euro Gothic Anyone?

We mentioned this upcoming book by Jonathan Rigby sometime ago but it apparently had run into some delays. But now, according to the author, it has now gone to press over across the pond. It still isn’t showing available through Amazon over here, but you can pre-ordered it through Amazon.UK, which has a price of £19.98. I’m sure at some point, it will be available here, but no idea when. The UK edition is said to be coming out at the end of this October.

Euro Gothic full cover.jpg

While the first two entries in this series covered the film from the UK and the US, this new one will cover other parts of the world, such as Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. Rigby definitely knowns his stuff so this will be as entertaining and informative as his previous books.

american gothicNow why bother pre-ordering it, one might ask? Take a look at see some of the going rates for one of his other Gothic books, like the American Gothic edition. No idea why those are going from $100 to over $300. Granted, they are worth having in your library, but that is a pretty steep price. But here is a perfect reason why you never want to pay those kind of insane prices…According to Rigby, a hardcover edition of American Gothic will be coming out next spring. So not only will it be considerably cheaper, but it will also be in a nice fancy hardcover edition!

Which is exactly why you should pre-order your copy now of Euro Gothic so you don’t run into missing out and then stuck paying those crazy prices. If you’d rather not order it from Amazon.UK, then keep a close eye on Amazon over here for it to pop up, which I’m sure it will at some point.

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