Monster Bash 2016 Report…The Final Chapter

Sunday July 10th

Sundays at a convention tend to be a sobering wake-up call. And that has nothing to do with alcohol, but just the fact that the weekend is almost over and soon we’ll be packing up, loading the van back up, and hitting the road. And when you have an eight our ride looming over you, it makes it even more daunting. Plus, it also means that we’ll all soon have to go back to reality, leaving our monstrous weekend behind. What makes it even more difficult is when you’ve had such a great time these last few days at a show like Monster Bash. It really does make you start counting the days until the next one.

naschycast1.pngSunday’s are usually a little slower at most shows, with people are making their last rounds before hitting the road or catching planes home. But it gives us a chance to walk around a little more through the dealer room to see if there is anything that we might have missed. As my buddy Bryan and I were walking down one of the aisles, a couple of guys past us by chatting with each other. I stopped walking, with a puzzled look on my face. The guy’s voice sounded familiar. I looked back at him and didn’t really recognize him, but soon the voice hit me. It was one of the guys who does the Naschycast!

Now the Naschycast is a podcast by Rod Barnett and Troy Guinn that they’ve been doing since July of 2011, where they started out covering each one of the films of Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy. You can tell just by listening to even one of the episodes that both Barnett and Guinn have a die-hard passion for Naschy and his work. They cover not only his more popular films, but even the obscure titles. So right away, I not only admired them for doing this, but loved the fact that they were doing what they could to get more attention to Naschy’s work. And isn’t that what’s it really all about? Not about how we go about bringing attention to something we love, not about being the first one to do it, or how long we might have been waving the flag. In fact, it isn’t about US at all, but to put the spotlight on someone’s work that we feel more need to know about.

Naschycast Troy and Rod 2.jpg
Troy Guinn, myself, and Rod Barnett

So I walked up to Troy (as it turns out) and asked if he was in fact one of the Naschycast guys. He kind of laughed and confirmed my suspicion and introduced himself. I did the same, even showing off my Naschy tattoo (which he loved) and express my joy and thanks to what he and Rod have been doing over the last several years. He told me that Rod was here at the show as well. I told him where my table was and to make sure he brought him by later. A short time later, Troy stopped by the table with Rod and introduced him to me, and quickly told me to show Rod my Naschy tat, which I was more than happy to display once again! We talked more about Naschy, some of their upcoming show topics, and then some more about Naschy! They loved that we had designed a Naschy pattern for our pillows and tote bags, and were delighted to hear that we sell quite a few of them. I strongly suggest you check out their Naschy cast (just click HERE). With over 50 episodes on Naschy’s film, as well as other shows on Naschy related or other Spanish horror titles, there is more than enough to keep you tuned in and coming back for more.

I have to say that it does my heart well to know that there are more than a few of us Naschy fans out there. Years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that knew his work, let alone be a huge fan of his. But now, thanks to a lot of different people spreading the gospel according to Paul, including Rod and Troy, we are able to get his work more recognized and enjoyed by newer fans from around the world. And like I said, that really is the most important part of any fans mission.

Bryan and GregA little while later while standing behind my table, I notice someone looking through our books. As I look closer, I realize it is none other than Greg Nicotero, who just came out to the show to do a little shopping. We talked a little bit about the Hidden Horror book that he was really loving, then he was on his way. A few minutes later, Bryan shows back up and I mention he just missed Mr. Nicotero. The look on his face was priceless. “You’re kidding! Are you serious?!?!”  So we had to go find him still wandering the dealer room so he could get a photo with him. Nice to see that Nicotero is still just a horror fan at heart and that he didn’t seem to be mind being bothered by his fans.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and start loading the van up. It was a long drive home but a trip I’d gladly make all over again….even with the bit of car trouble we had. It was such an amazing weekend this year at Monster Bash, and can’t wait for the next one, which will be taking place on June 23rd-25th, 2017. So start making your plans now! I could kick myself for taking so long to start coming to this show, but know that we’ll never miss another one. A huge thanks and shout out to Ron Adams of Creepy Classics and all the people that work their butts off making this show such a fun time, each and every year.

See you next June, for the 20th Anniversary of the Bash!

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