Young Frankenstein Book Coming!

The one of the many great things about Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein is that even though it is a paraody of those classic Universal horror films that we all love, it still is done with such honor and respect for the subject matter. And nobody did that better than Brooks, of course with the help of writer/actor Gene Wilder.

Young Frankenstein Book

Coming this October from Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, this 200 page book will be filled with over 225 photos, both behind-the-scenes and production stills, with captions written by Brooks himself. The photos will be in both black and white and color, with interviews with the cast and crew, such as actress Cloris Leachman, director of photography Gerald Hirschfeld, and producer Michael Gruskoff.

Priced at $27.89, this really is a must for all monster fans. For a film that has not lost any of its charm or humor in the 40+ years since its release, I personally can’t wait to add this one to the library.



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