New Werewolf Filmography Book

werewolf filmography

For those fans of lycanthropic cinema, ones that like their monsters a little bit on the hairy side, author Bryan Senn has written a new book to give us werewolf fans a checklist to start marking off. Coming from McFarland sometime at the end of this year, or early 2017, this book will feature more than 300 reviews of werewolf cinema, from the classicas like The Wolf Man (1941) to modern day films, covering all the usual suspects, like The Howling (1981), plus many more. Each review has information on the production, the cast and crew, along with a critical look at the title. I’m sure we’ll see just a few titles from Paul Naschy in here…..

Now, since this is coming from McFarland, the price is listed as $49.95. While not as pricy as some of their titles, it is still a big chunk for one book. But I will say that I have a few other books by Senn and have enjoyed them quite a bit, so it just might be worth the investment. I know I’ll be adding it to the library at some point once it comes out.


2 thoughts on “New Werewolf Filmography Book

  1. Hey “Tom”….I so much appreciate your comments. It just thrills me to know that
    I’ve reach the point of getting my own internet troll. I’ve really made it!

    But back to your original comment. Yes, if one would do the extensive research and look up on Amazon, which I’m assuming where you got your information from, you would see that it states it will be coming out in October. But since I went a wee bit further and checked McFarland’s website as well, which states it as 2017. Not to mention that I also happened to speak to Bryan Senn, the author of said book, over this last weekend, where he told me it might come out this year, but possibly not until early next year. Add this to the fact that sometimes, just sometimes, the dates listed on Amazon aren’t the most reliable. That very topic was brought up the last time I had a conversation with Harvey Fenton, owner/publisher of FAB Press in the UK, about how the dates listed on Amazon are not always accurate. So my policy is if that is the only date that I can find, I will used the Amazon date, but also try to mention that as well.

    So thanks for the comment and I can’t wait to see what name you use with your
    next post. I’m all tingling inside. Have a nice day.

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