Book Review: A Taste of Blood: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis


A Taste of Blood: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis
By Christopher Wayne Curry
Published by Creation Books, 1999. 252 pages.

When I started reading this book, I knew a little bit about the man who gave birth to the gore films that we know and love today, but not a lot. But after reading it wonderfully written volume, that all changed. Curry shows us exactly why Lewis is still talked about today, why his films are still being watch, as well as the impact that he made by deciding to “make films that either the majors couldn’t, or wouldn’t make.”

This extremely informative tomb is simply a must for serious fans of the genre, or of H.G. Lewis in general. It covers the whole film career of Lewis until his film Gore Gore Girls, from his start in making the ‘nudie cuties’ to moving on to the gore and other types of exploitation films that he made. The author knows his subject and brings forth tons of information about the man and the movies, such as how the famous title credits to Blood Feast were done.

After an extensive look at each of Lewis’ films, the book then finishes up with interviews with Lewis, producer David F. Friedman, and actors Bill Rogers, Mal Arnold, Dan Krogh, and Hedda Lubin. The book is also filled with ad mats, photos, and 8 pages of color photos from his gore films.

Once again, this book is highly recommended for all fans of not only the horror genre, but also exploitation films as well. Creation Books always put out fine volumes with their movie reference titles and this is probably my favorite of all of them.

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