Horror History: Javier Botet

JavierBotetJavier Botet
Born July 30th, 1977

Botet is the Spanish version of Doug Jones. When we see him in a movie, we might not recognize him since he is underneath makeup that is hiding his true face. Being very tall and extremely thin, and being able to contort his body in unusual ways, it makes him perfect for creature roles, such as the old skinny lady in Jaume Balagueró’s [REC] films. The reason for Botet’s physical condition is Marfan syndrome which causes the person to be very tall and then, and seemingly long extending arms and fingers.

His first screen appearance was that of a humanoid in Brian Yuzna’s Beneath Still Waters (2005). Not only appearing in the [REC] films, but he also has been in two of Álex de la Iglesia’s recent films, Last Circus and Witching and Bitching. But not just appearing in Spanish films, he appeared as the title character in the 2013 film Mama. Unfortunately, most of his work was covered with CGI. There is some test footage that was used of him playing the character without any CGI and it is a hell of a lot more creepier than the final product. Once again proving that a real actor in makeup can be more effective than a cartoon. Especially when they are being preformed by a talented artist like Botet. You can check out that footage HERE.

More recently, he has appeared in films like Crimson Peak (2015), The Other Side of the Door, and as the Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2 (both 2016), and is rumored to be playing the Mummy in Universal’s latest remake.

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