Soundtrack Review: Southbound

southbound cd.jpg

Released by Headquarters Music, 2016
18 tracks with a total running time of 61 min.
Music by The Gifted

A lot of the soundtracks that I review that I get before seeing the movie. Sometimes I have no idea what the movie is about, so I’m taking it just by what the music says to me. Then there are scores like this one, where I see the movie before I know anything about the music or who did it. And every once in a while, while watching the movie, the soundtrack is just digging its way into my brain. The whole time during this anthology, with multiple stories unfolding before me, I’m thinking someone has channeled John Carpenter from 30 years ago.

But the beauty of this score is that while it has a strong salute to Carpenter’s ’80s feel and sound, the composers take his style, but move past it, creating their own unique themes, sounds and feel. You’ll hear that right from the first track, called Southbound. There are some incredibly simple but effective keyboard melodies, such as in track #3, Face the Inevitable. There are other tracks that are mainly sounds, almost like electronic feedback, that build up the atmosphere, sometimes with a few notes here and there, but it does a wonderful job creating that feeling of tension. Sure, you can feel the Carpenter influence, which is what they were going for right from the beginning, but this is so much more. Some of the tracks are quiet, creepy, and slowly setting the atmosphere, while others burst forth frome the speakers, assaulting your ears with electronic noise, twisted beats, and echoing notes.

One might think with a name like The Gifted, it might seem a little egocentric. But this score surely backs up that name. The Gifted consists of Louis Castle adn James Bairian, who decided to record this entire score using vintage equiptment from the ’70s, to make sure if had that special sound and feel they were looking for. I think it worked. Check it out….highly recommending this one.

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