Book Review: Boris Karloff: The Man Remembered


Boris Karloff: The Man Remembered
By Gordon B. Shriver
Published by Publish America, 2004. 208 pages.

We have read many, many stories of the kindness and gentleness of actor Boris Karloff. A man that couldn’t have been farther away from the many characters that he portrayed on the screen, stage, and television. So why do we need another book to add to that? Because he was just that great of a man.

Since Karloff was a very private man, there were many things that he did that not too many people realized. And with this book, Shriver recalls stories that he heard first hand from the people who worked with and new Karloff. For fans of this great icon, it will only put him higher up on the list than he already is. It’s just a shame that stars like him really are a dying breed.

This might not be the most interesting read for fans searching for stories of his horror movies, but if you want to learn more about the man, than you will enjoy this book as much as I did.

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