Book Review: Bela Lugosi: Dreams and Nightmares


Bela Lugosi: Dreams and Nightmares
By Gary D. Rhodes
Published by Collectables Records Corp, 2007. 352 pages.

We have to say right off the top, this is a sad and depressing story of one of horror’s greatest icons. For a man who had such great talent, that never was consistently able to show it, it truly is a shame. There were times when Lugosi really shined, but too many times when he didn’t. Whether it was due to his addictions, his ego, or any number of issues he was dealing with, it is just a damn shame that he didn’t have a better life, one that he so deserved.

Rhodes has written several books on Lugosi and surely knows his subject. This book is no different. He gives us an insight to this legend that will break down rumors and stories about Lugosi, showing us the real person behind all of the Hollywood type gossip and hearsay. With help from Richard Sheffield, who befriend Lugosi in the later part of his life, they bring us tons of information and inside look at this man. From his constant battles with wives and ex-wives, addiction, and always trying to get that next gig, we are shown a side of Lugosi that most people would not be familiar with.

The book is filled with tons of rare photos of Lugosi on and off the movie sets. From publicity shots to some very sad ones of him at the state hospital where he there battling drug addiction. For any serious fans of the horror genre, this book really is a must since it will paint a portrait of this icon, that like of Count Dracula, that will live on forever.

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