Phantasm Phans Unite!

reggieSome troubling news in the world of Phantasm, with everyone’s favorite dwarf-ass-kicking ice cream man, Reggie Bannister. This news was posted on Reggie’s and his wife Gigi’s Facebook page some time ago, but I think we need to gather the troups and send Reggie our support. Not a lot of details are being given on what exactly happend for their privacy, which is totally understandable, other than this, which comes from Gigi herself:

“Reggie and I were coming down the stairs in our mountain cabin in the early hours of June 5th when he fell and we – literally – went over the side of the rail – or lack of rail landing 6 feet below.”


What better way to show how much Reggie means to horror community and Phantasm fans than to take a few minutes and send him a card wishing him and Gigi a speedy recover. If you’ve ever met Reggie at a convention, then you know just how down to earth he is and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. So let’s spread the word and flood Reggie’s mailbox with love and support through this tough time. And please. repost this message to get the word out to as many Phans as we can.

Send all your cards to the following address:

Crestline Creative Arts Foundation
PO Box 4387
Crestline CA 92325

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