New Elvira Book Coming This Fall

Elvira Book

Just in time for Halloween, the one and only Mistress of the Dark is putting out her own coffee table…or should we say coffin table book, of a collection of photos, many never before published. This 240 page hardbound book will contain 350 images and original commentary from Elvira’s alter-ego, Cassandra Peterson.

There are two different editions available. The first one is the regular retail one which goes for $44.95. The second version is an signed edition with goes for $89.95. Not sure if the only difference is the signature, but there is nothing else listed on the website. But no matter which version you get, I have a feelng this is going to be one hell of a book, with just some stunning photos. Elvira has been around for decades, giving smiles (amongst other things) to so many fans of several generations. There really is no one like her.\

For all the information, head over to the official website HERE.


One thought on “New Elvira Book Coming This Fall

  1. I would love an Elvira book, but there are so many that are ahead of it on the list.

    That said, she looks stunning in her older, pre-Elvira photos. And not just because she was naked.

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