Philip J. Riley – Rest in Peace

Philip J Riley - RIPIf you’re a collector of film reference books, you just might recognize the name Philip J. Riley. He was a man that was determined to help keep the facts and memories of old classic monster films alive and well by releasing some amazing books over the last few decades. Starting in the late ’80s, he started to release the Universal Filmscripts Series Classic Horror Films, which he edited. Along with the help of such scholars as Gregory William Mank and Forrest J. Ackerman, fans got to not only read the original shooting script, but see original newspaper clippings, different news stories, and a ton of other info about the making of the film. He went through most all the Universal Classics and then started a different sereies on films that never came to be, based on original scripts that were found, such as Robert Florey’s version of Frankenstein.

For his constant dedication to preserving the information about these great films, I have always held him in high regard. He knew and understood the importance of what he was doing, not just for his own sake, but for all the fans out there. I take my hat off to you, Sir.

I have several of Riley’s editions in my library, which I turn to anytime I doing research on any of the Universal Monsters. And I know I will be adding more of them in the years go come. Because of the amazing amount of work you left us fans with, you will surely be missed, but never forgotten. Thank you.

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