Soundtrack Review: Virgin of Nuremberg

virgin of nuremberg cd

The Virgin of Nuremberg Soundtrack
Released by Quartet Records, 2016
2-Discs, 37 tracks, with a total running time of 89:32 min.
Music Composed and Conducted Riz Ortolani

What a thrill to see something like this to ever come to be! And not just a regular soundtrack release, but a 2-disc set no less! So with almost 90 minutes worth of music, let’s get down to it.

Also known as Horror Castle, this film by Antonio Margheriti is a must see for Euro-horror fans. And if you’re into the flicks with a heavy jazzy sounding score, then I think you will love this one. Now me personally, not a big fan of jazz, but what I really like about this one is the way that Ortolani incorporated those sounds with a gothic twist to them, making them a little creepy. For example, the opening track on Disc 1, Il dubbio di Mary, starts with some quiet and eerie sounds right before it blasts into a jazz number that sends you back to a club in the ’60s. In fact, there are 3 separate tracks with that same title that are all jazz based. But then the second track goes right back to raising the hairs on the back of your neck by building a very suspenseful track. Track # 9, Fantomatica apparizione, starts off very quiet and slow, with very strange sound coming through, only to have the end of the track just pounce on you!

The second disc, which runs 20 minutes longer, is a strange one. There are some tracks that are the same as the first disc, but seem to broken up into two different tracks. But there are also plenty of other music bits that are not on the first disc. In other words, it was a stellar idea for them to release all of this material instead of just the basic and standard release.

Riz Ortolani does a wonderful job creating a incredible array of moods throughout this score. Again, while it is a bit too jazzy for me in parts, the music and the mood that it sets is more than enough to keep me listening and entertained. Really makes me want to bust out the movie now! Kudos to Quartet Records for putting all of the work into this release. For more information about this release, just click HERE. Or it might cheaper to get it from Screen Archives, by clicking HERE.

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