Suspicious Scores from Digitsoundtracks

Suspicious Death of a Minor

Are you one of those fans that love listening to the lovely soundtracks to murder? Okay…that didn’t come out right…How about this? Are you a fan of Italian giallos? And love the scores that usually surround the dark and enticing images on the screen? Well, thanks to the fine folks at Digitsoundtracks, you’ll have another score to add to your collection! Later this month, they will be putting out Luciano Michelini’s score for Morte sospetta di una minorenne, known here in the stats as The Suspicious Death of a Minor, which is being released on CD for the first time.

The score runs 46 minutes and is filled with “organs and rhythms with hints of the Goblins in the film Deep Red“. Adding other parts that are “cheerful and carefree”, it seems that it will give listeners a real mixture of emotions here.

This has been taken from the original recording session, so it will be able to preserved and enjoyed by fans for many years to come.

For all the information, head over to the Digitsoundtracks site by clicking HERE.

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