Convention Updates!

Last weekend, we were at the Cinevent Classic Film Convention in Columbus and had a lot of fun. Sure, it would have been nice to have a few more bodies coming through the door, but that didn’t stop us from selling a few things, meeting a few people (including another die-hard Naschy fan), as well as picking up a few things for my own collection. This show is a good old fashion memoribilia show. No guests charging money for autographs, but just a bunch of dealers selling everything from posters to lobby cards to stills and much more. Yes, this wasn’t just a horror show, but we were still able to find some good stuff. Although, I have to say, when you come across a table with about 8 stacks of movie posters, each about six inches high, and the dealer says “all posters are a buck each”, you know your back is going to killing you when you’re done going through them all, but you do it anyway. We’re going to plan on going to this show again next year and see how it goes. If we do well again, maybe we’ll make this a regular stop on our World Tour!


The next stop on 2016 Kryptic World Tour we’ll be heading to Mars! Okay…not the planet, but Mars, Pennsylvannia for the Monster Bash Convention! It may not be held on another planet, but they are celebrating movies that really are out of this world, such as the immortal Robot Monster! This year’s guest lineup includes two actors that appeared in this cult favorite, Claudia Barrett & Gregory Moffett, and I will happily admit, I’m pretty excited about the show because of them. But if that wasn’t enough, Audrey Dalton, Mrs. Sardonicus herself, will be there as well. She also starred in one of the best ’50s monster flicks, The Monster That Challenged the World too! Plus, they have quite a few other guests lineup, such as Chilly Billy Cardille, Sharyn Moffett, Jimmy Hunt, Jo Morrow, Wes Shank, Kris Yeaworth, Tom Sullivan, writers Tom Weaver and Gregory William Mank, Robert Michael Cotter, and many more. We really had a great time last summer at this show and can’t wait for this one. Like Cinema Wasteland, this is a show that I would go to, even if I wasn’t a dealer. Hope to see you there!

For all the info about this upcoming show, head over to their website HERE.

Chicago Pop Culture Convention ad.jpg

We have also added a new show to this year’s Tour. It is the Chicago Pop Culture Convention, taking place in St. Charles, IL, Nov. 26th & 27th. Yes, it is over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but we’re hoping maybe it will draw some of the holiday shoppers to stop by. This isn’t just a horror show either, but a mixture of all pop culture, with comic book artists, actors, writers, and much more. You can check out the website HERE or their Facebook page HERE. But since it is a few months away, I’m sure it will start to fill out more with guests and events. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello!

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