Book Review: Hammer Films – A Life in Pictures

hammerlifeinpicturesHammer Films – A Life in Pictures
by Wayne Kinsey
Published by Tomahawk Press, 2008. 240 Pages.

Being a huge Hammer fan, I knew this was a book I was going to add to my collection eventually. Luckily for me, it was given to me as a recent birthday gift. And what better gift could a movie fan ask for? This book is a filled with over 600 photos covering the history of Hammer Films. There are candid shots, on the set production stills, promo shots, and much more. In these pages, you’ll see shots of actors like Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Oliver Reed, Ingrid Pitt, the Collinson twins, directors like Freddie Francis and Terence Fisher, and many more. Most are in black and white, but there are a few full color shots, all showing the beauty of these films and the people that made them. I have to say the candid ones were the ones I enjoyed the best. You’ll see some familiar ones but a lot that you’ve probably never seen before.

The book is a bit pricey at the $54.99 retail price, but is limited to only 2500 copies, which is another reason for the high price. Written by Hammer scholar adn published by Tomahawk, those two names alone should tell you of the quality of product that you’re getting here. Plus, for a big film fan, this book is great just to page through, looking at all of these great films and familiar faces. If you’re in the mood for a Hammer film but can’t decide which one to watch, just a few minutes paging through this book is an easy way to help decide. Then again, you may just get lost in the photos and realize you don’t have time to watch a movie now!

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