BearManor Media Book Sale!

bearmanor logoBearManor Media is having a huge Memorial Day sale that ends midnight on May 31st, where all of their paperback editions are 30% off. I have quite a few of BearManor titles in my collection, and have reviewed a few of them here on my site. Just do a search for BearManor Media and you’ll see which ones I’m talking about.

There are three reasons you should order a book or two (or more) from them. The first and obvious reason is because they are having a 30% off sale! Kind of a no-brainer, don’t you think?

KatzmanNicholsonCorman bookThe other reason you should order something is because you’re buying a book! They have a wide selection of books about film, or about the people behind films, that will help you along as a student of the genre. For example, if you love films of the ’50s and ’60s, then I would highly recommend You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! and Katzman, Nicholson, Corman, both by Mark Thomas McGee. Not only is McGee a great and fun writer, you will hear a ton of wonderful and insightful stories. I couldn’t recommend these two enough.

But there are plenty of other titles in their library, surely to find something to match your interests. If you’re a fan of the Jaws movies, then they have a couple titles on those, including Louis R. Pisano and Michael A. Smith’s Jaws 2: The Making of the Hollywood Sequel, which will teach you everything you want to know about this feature.

Growing up with ManosOf course, if you’re really into the cult films, the ones that revel in being so bad, such as the notorious Manos: The Hands of Fate, then you can read about it from someone that was directly involved with the movie, Jackey Neyman Jones, with her book Growing Up with “Manos: The Hands of Fate”: How I Was the Child Star of the Worst Movie Ever Made, and Lived to Tell the Story. We don’t have a review of this one posted yet…mainly because we just ordered our own copy!

I mentioned before there were three reasons to place an order, whch I explain above what the first two were. But the last one is the most important. By ordering a book directly from this publisher, you are showing your support to what they are doing. In a age where book publishing is harder and harder, there is no better way to show you like what they are doing then buying a book directly from them. Sure, getting it from Amazon is good and sometimes cheaper. But not with this 30% off sale. Plus, it goes directly to the people that are working their tails off to bring us some fine quality reading material! So take some time and browse through their huge catalog and see if you can’t find a title or two that you need in your library. Go ahead. Buy a book. Further your studies in becoming a student of the genre. And show your support to these small press publishers. Don’t wait too long…sale ends in a couple of days.

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