Celebrate the Titans of Terror

titans of terror2

I know a lot of people spend this upcoming 3-day weekend grilling or spending time outside. But if you’re trying to think of some alternative way to spend your Memorial Day, might I offer up a suggestion? There are three very important figures in the horror genre celebrating birthdays this Thursday and Friday. And even though they have left us, it is just as important now to celebrate their work and remember them as when they were still with us. Of course, I’m talking about Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price.

Cushing was born on May 26th, while Lee and Price came a day later on the 27th. Granted, not same year, but no better way for us horror fans to pay tribute to these incredible actors that gave us so many hours of entertainment during their expansive career, then to bust out some of their films to enjoy! Between the three of them, they appeared in more than six hundred feature films and television appearances. Sure, not all or even most of them were horror films, but they not only made their share of them, the some of the titles they did appear in are the best the genre has to offer.

So make those plans to spend a little bit of time this weekend celebrating these Masters of Horror by watching a film or two, or three that show of these talented men. I’m sure you could find several films that feature two of them working together, especially Cushing and Lee.

And we’d love to hear your suggestions or ideas of what you will be watching this weekend to honor these icons, to help make their memories live on. So reply below and lets us know which titles you’ll be viewing!

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