Neon Demon Soundtrack Review

Neon Demon CD

Neo Demon Soundtrack Review
Released by Milan Records, 2016
23 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 69 min.
Music by Composed and Conducted by Cliff Martinez

I just love when a composer can do something with a score that at first listen makes you think of one thing, but the more you listen, something else comes out. When I listen to these scores, sometimes without seeing the movie or even the trailer, so I have no idea what the movie is about. So I let my own feelings, thoughts, and images pop into my head on their own. So sometimes it is hard to explain where these images or feelings are coming from, but they are just raw emotions coming through.

That is what happened with me and Cliff Martinez’s score for Neon Demon. The first few tracks like Neon Demon and The Demon Dance, were kind of like dance party mixes, with a thumping beat and electronic rhythm, but with something darker to it. But then you start to feel and hear something else coming through this. The rest of the score is almost like one of those music CDs to help you sleep, but that has more of a surreal sound to it, almost like a dreamlike quality. This is not a criticism at all, but gives the listener a feeling of peace but still having strange thoughts or images coming to you. Pretty trippy sounding, I know, but they just have such a strange feeling to them.

One of the later tracks, Runway, brings up feelings like you’re driving through a bit city very late at night, with lights passing you by. At least, that is the images that came into my mind while listening to it. Very memorable. The track Ruby’s Close Up is similar to that as well, but with a little more of a darker feel to it. This is one score that really has me interested in seeing the movie.

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