Audrey Dalton Comes to Monster Bash


One of the things that I really love about Monster Bash is the guests that they get are not the ones that you’re going to typically see at most shows. Sure, that may be because of the ones they do try and get are from the older and classic films. And by that I mean ones that came before the 80s! Not that there is anything wrong, but most of those names you will be able to see at a half a dozen different shows throughout the year. But like Cinema Wasteland, Ron Adams at Monster Bash tries to do it a little different.

dalton-sardonicusFor example, at the upcoming show in July, he has two of the stars from the ultimate Turkey Day movie, Robot Monster! I got to say, I’m pretty excited to sit in on that Q&A pannel! So while you might not have the usual convention suspects here at the Bash, if you love the older classic films, both good and “bad”, this is the show to come to.

The reason for this post is to announce that they have recently added a replacement guest since Richard Eyer had to cancel. So Ron booked Audrey Dalton! William Castle fans will remember her as the unfortunate wife of Mr. Sardonicus, not to mention having to battle giant killer mollusks in The Monster that Challenged the World, which is one of my favorite of the ’50s giant monster flicks!

Add her to the other great things at this show, it is well worth your time and money to come out for it. If you do, make sure you stop by our table! Otherwise we might have to have Krul lstrap you in the chair to try and persuade you!

For all the info about the show, check out their website HERE.

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