Dead End Drive-In!

Mahoning Drivein zombiefest 2

Not only am I a sucker for drive-ins, but when they throw these all night movie marathons, I get giddy like a school girl! Of course, what sucks about this one is that is way the hell over in Pennsylvania! But the fine folks at the Mahoning Drive-In are having their 2nd Zombie Fest this Memorial Day weekend with three nights of undead terror! While I prefer my all night horror marathons to be more than just three features, they still have one hell of a line up of classic zombie horror flicks. Check out what they have lined up:

Friday May 27th: Gates of Hell, Burial Ground, & Night of the Zombies
Saturday May 28th: Return of the Living Dead, The Children, & The Death Wheelers (aka Psychomania)
Sunday May 29th: The Beyond, Deathdream, & Shock Waves

Just think of it….getting to see two Fulci classics on the big screen at a drive-in? Plus Mattai’s Night of the Zombies and Bianchi’s Burial Ground??? Not to mention two Alan Ormsby titles? If I was any closer, I’d be all over this like ugly on an ape!

They are located in Lehighton, Pennsylvania and have been around since 1948, so if you are anywhere near the area, you should definitely go out and show your support, as well as have one hell of a weekend. We need to not only keep the drive-ins alive and well, but also showing them that this kind of programming is something they should keep doing!

For more infomation about the drive-in, check out their Facebook page HERE or their website HERE.

One thought on “Dead End Drive-In!

  1. What an incredible line up that would be. Would be worth in for The Beyond and Gates of Hell alone, although seeing/hearing Bob in House by the Cemetery would be an experience!

    Night of the Zombies too? Bruno at a drive in would be a riot. I hope this is a success.


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