Little Shoppe of Horrors Does Dracula


While Little Shoppe of Horrors usually covers only films from Hammer, they occasionally venture into other films. Such as in issue # 20 where they did an incredible issue on the history of Amicus films, or # 29 when they covered the Vincent Price classic The Abominable Dr. Phibes and its sequel. In their upcoming issue # 36, they put the spotlight on the 1979 version of Dracula, starring Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Kate Nelligan, and Donald Pleasence.

maddox workSometimes this film doesn’t get the credit that I feel that it richly deserves, mainly because of its romanticism throughout the film, seemingly taking away its horror element. But I have to say I think that Langella still controls the screen with this presence and shows the power of this character. But now, thanks to LSoH and film historian Constantine Nasr, we’ll get to learn even more about this movie than before. This issue is just about the film, but also the stage play that came about before this version of the film, which also had Langella playing the title role. There are interviews with the producer John Wulp and actor Alan Coates, who played Harker. Once we get to the film version, there are interviews with producer Walter Mirisch, director John Badham, screenwriter Rick Richter, film editor John Bloom, and quite a few other of the crew involved, as well as Dracula himself, Frank Langella.With incredible art by amazingly talented Jeff Preston, Mark Maddox, and more, this is definitley a must have edition. Then again, all issues of LSoH are must have.

I know that once I dig through this issue, I will be busting out this movie once again for a revisit. With one of my favorite scores from John Williams, this has always been one of my favorite versions. It never gets old and never loses its power.

For all the updates about this issue, check out their Facebook page HERE. To place your order, head over to their website HERE.

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