Book Review: Legacy of Blood

Legacy of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide to Slasher Movies

By Jim Harper
Published by Headpress, 2004.  192 pages.

This is a book that I didn’t bother with at first since I didn’t think I needed another film guide, let alone one that was just on slasher films. But I finally picked it up because…well, you know…it is a horror reference book after all…and was very glad I did. Before you even get into the actual film guide, there is a 50+ page essay on the history of the slasher films, that talks about the rise of the sub-genre, the typical elements and conventions to it, as well as the fall of them. This essay alone is worth the cost of the book. It’s very informative and very entertaining.

Then we get to the actual film guide section. Here Harper gives us the low down on over 200 slasher films. You get the usual cast and credits, a brief synopsis of the film, and whether or not we should watch the movie. Often pointing out that there is little reason if any, to spend time with this film. Although, fans of the bad B-movies just might be looking for something like that. So you have to take his comments as what they are: his opinion. You might not agree with him, but at least it gives you some basis to go one.

Bottom line is that it’s a nice title for any collector. As I said, the opening essay is great, and then you have a nice study guide or checklist to work your way through.

One thought on “Book Review: Legacy of Blood

  1. I remember feeling a bit let down by this one. It’s been a long time, but I remember seeing some errors that annoyed me. Maybe I was just being a curmudgeon. I’ll take it out again.

    A few years later, The Slasher Book came out (I think it’s Hysteria Continues in the UK) which I thought was better in just about every regard.


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