Book Review: Illustrated Movie Guides

The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide – Published by Titan Books, 1993. 144 pages
The Illustrated Frankenstein Movie Guide – Published by Titan Booka, 1994. 144 pages
The Illustrated Werewolf Movie Guide – Published by Titan Books, 1996. 144 pages
All Volumes by Stephen Jones.

I decided to review all three of these volumes in one review, simply because if you have any of them, you need ALL of them. While they are not huge, these trade paperback books are incredible, filled with tons of information and with wonderful stills, lobby cards, and poster art scattered throughout that is a lot of fun just paging through these books. What Jones has done has complied movies that he could find that had ANYTHING to do with these sub-genres. So there might be a a movie listed that isn’t really a horror film, but has some connection, like having vampire in it, or someone who is thought to be one. And for the Frankenstein volume, it doesn’t just imply movies that have Frankenstein’s creature or even the good doctor, but many different science-gone-wrong type of films where a creature is created. None the less, each one of these books is just a joy to look through, plus the fact that I’m sure you’ll come across a film or two that you might not have heard/read about. I’m sure that these are not definitive and have some movies missing, but there is still quite a few titles listed here, more than enough to keep you busy.

Each book has the films listed by decade, then in alphabetical order. And each one starts out with a small introduction to that decade, mentioning the high points from those years. There is also one or two pages of special attention given to certain individuals, or something to do within that sub-genre, which is always interesting to read.

These are the kind of books where you pull it out to look up specific title and then find yourself lost within the page without even realizing it. We can’t express enough just how great these books are and would consider them a staple to any reference library.

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